Introducing an Incredibly Safe Investment Strategy That Delivers Outstanding Results In ANY Economic Climate

Brace yourself for The Profit Lock—a breakthrough system for keeping your hard earned money safer so you can stick with your plans, keep going for your goals and keep dreaming your dreams.

Hello, my name is John, and like many of you I’ve had some ups and downs in the investing world.

Remember back in 1999? It was hard to go wrong back then. I was working for a tech company in Silicon Valley and it was like we were printing our own money. Every day the stock went up and our options account got fatter.

On the side, I would buy all the big name tech companies, and they couldn’t go wrong. I was really smart. In fact, I was just plain brilliant! I knew what was going on. I told all my friends… “Buy some Oracle. Buy Sun. Buy Cisco. Buy Razorfish.” You couldn’t go wrong. Until 2001, when everything went wrong.

To say I got crushed is perhaps kind. I did get out with more than I had in 1998, but not much. So I sat on the sidelines for a while.

Over time, I started looking at investment strategies, learning what I could. I experimented with some of the so-called options experts, and lost some more money. I looked at Forex, but didn’t want to be glued to the screen watching charts all day.

In 2007, I started digging into options in more depth. I made some money and thought I was on a comeback. But then 2008 hit, and I got crushed again.

After a couple months on the sidelines again, the light bulb turned on. I was doing it wrong. What I needed wasn’t the shot at making 10 times my money in one month. I wasn’t looking for a way to turn $1000 into $1,000,000 in only 3 years. I didn’t really want to double my money every month. (Well I did, but that’s unrealistic )

All I wanted was a conservative, flexible, profitable, safe investment strategy that would keep me from losing money, and give me a good chance at some solid double-digit returns every year.

And in the pile of options strategies that I had been studying for a year, I found it – a variation on a common strategy used by the investment pros that will lock in profits every time I make an investment.

For the next few months, I refined the strategy, back tested it, and started trading it live. Everything worked. I started asking around and asked several professional options traders.

I explained my system, and they basically said, “Sure, that works. But you’re probably limited to 15%-25% a year in this economy. We shoot for 50-100% annual gains.”

What if I don’t want the work of 50-100% returns? That sounds like a job in itself. What if I’m happy with 20% and not a lot of work? They said, “Then your strategy is perfect. You’ll make 2-5% a month, sometimes more, maybe less, but overall, you’ll be pretty much on target to get 15-25% a year. Unless the market takes off, then you’ll make more.”

Frankly I am perfectly happy to have safe investments that will make me 15-25% or more every year.

So I refined my system and tested it some more. And it continued to work. I was so excited that I wanted to share it with everyone.

Here's a quick five-minute video to give you an example of just one of the trades I made recently using The Profit Lock.

The Profit Lock is Your Key To Safety, Flexibility and Profitability in this or ANY market!

Just imagine being confident in your investments again, the way it used to be.
  • You could plan for the future with more optimism
  • You could decide when to retire and stick to it.
  • You could save for your child’s college education with more peace of mind
…and basically go back to keeping your money safely tucked away where no recession, depression or any other market craziness can get at it.

The Profit Lock is perfect for you if:
  • you are usually a mutual fund investor with a buy-and-hold strategy
  • you were burned by 2008 and decided the only safe place for your money is CDs at 2
  • you buy your own stock, through a broker or online
  • you are loaded up with mutual funds, planning to just “ride it out”


"A must read for any investor who knows there is a smarter way to make money.  John details clearly a little-known but hugely powerful method of trading much more safely.”

Gareth Feighery, President

Let’s Look at The Profit Lock in Action.

If you were a Microsoft investor in 2008, you got killed. MSFT was down 46% for the year. If you had used The Profit Lock, you could have booked a profit of almost 12%.

Exxon Mobile had a bad year, down 15%. The Profit Lock could have turned that loss into a 13% gain for the year.

Amazon had a dreadful year, falling well over 40%, but The Profit Lock could have saved the day, yielding a 12% profit.

Here's the monthly performance of a series of trades for 2011 on Alpha Natural Resources, the Virginia-based coal company. Even though the stock was down significantly for the year, using The Profit Lock, you would have been up over 17%.

Month after month you'll target returns that most people don't see in a year! With The Profit Lock, you can start thinking about retirement again!

That’s the magic of The Profit Lock. It can turn a bad year into a good year. It can turn a pretty good year into a great year!

It will not make you rich… this year. With the safe investing strategies in The Profit Lock, you can target double digit returns year after year.

What does the New York Times say about the strategy behind The Profit Lock?

"This is a strategy used to reduce risk
and generate income..."  The New York Times

And Seeking Alpha?

This is the one strategy "...that can increase gains, lower costs, and minimize losses in a volatile, unpredictable market..."

What is a lifetime of double digit returns worth to you?

Ten thousand? A Hundred Thousand? Over time, the difference that The Profit Lock will make in your life could reach a million bucks or more. Who knows!

Well let’s do some quick math and run some hypotheticals:

If you are going to retire in 10 years, and you have $100,000 in the bank right now, adding 10 percentage points of return (which is well within the possibilities of The Profit Lock) would add $259,000 more to your account.

If you have 20 years till you retire, and already have $100,000 in the bank, adding 13 percentage points of return to your performance would be worth well over $1 Million!

So under those scenarios, or if you plug in your own personal situation, what would The Profit Lock worth to you?




It could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life.

But today you’re only going to invest a measly $79.  Why?  Because I am passionate about getting this into the hands of as many people as possible.  This should not be some secret formula.  I want everyone learning and profiting from this.

You should easily be able to make that much in just a month or two, even with a small account.

Just Click Below to download The Profit Lock (24-page PDF format), and you will be on your way to flexible, profitable, and safer investing immediately.

Now you may still be on the fence and I understand completely.  After all, you’re probably once bitten, twice shy, and you’re smart for thinking about all the “what if” stuff.

But you should understand that the techniques in The Profit Lock are used every day by investment professionals and wealthy individuals to boost their investment returns.

But since I want to make this a complete no brainer you’ll get my total "No-Risk" Guarantee:

Your "No Risk" Guarantee:

Use the Profit Lock system for a full 60 days, take it for a spin and see just how safe, secure and profit-driven this is.  Heck, these market conditions are the perfect time to put it through its paces!

If you aren't fully convinced that The Profit Lock can significantly boost your investment returns, simply send me a note within 60 days, and I’ll send you a full refund.

Even if you aren't yet convinced that this will work for you, just try it out. If you aren't happy, then I don't want your money!satisfaction guaranteed

Fair enough?

Bottom line:  You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Wait! I've decided to reduce the price to make this information available to even more people.

Get The Profit Lock today for a discount price of only $47!

Act now to take advantage of this special offer before I change my mind!

I urge you to respond now and start down the path toward safe, flexible, and profitable investing.

Warm regards,


P.S. Order The Profit Lock today, and by tomorrow, you could be locking in your first profits and be well on your way to a lifetime of double-digit returns.

P.P.S Who knows what the future holds?  We could be looking back on this year as the “boom times” compared to what may lie ahead.  But you don’t have to sweat the future anymore.

Go for it!



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